To provide an optimal service to users and visitors of the event complex, GelreDome cooperates with various partners.

BAM Techniek regio Oost

BAM Techniek has realised the entire climate-technical and sanitary installations in GelreDome and has been responsible for maintaining these installations since 1997. BAM Techniek therefore ensures that visitors to GelreDome can enjoy a pleasant sustainable climate and good sanitary facilities during concerts, company parties, football matches, conferences and other events.

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Cleaning company Hago ensures that GelreDome is clean and tidy every day. Hago does this with the conviction that it is better to work and live in a well-kept working and living environment. Hago has been active in all sectors for 65 years. With 7,000 employees, they work in offices, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, airports, trains, parking garages and cleanrooms such as laboratories where medicines are produced.

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Belgisch blond bier met een verfrissende smaak! Jupiler is hét biermerk voor de jongere generatie. Een Belgisch pils van hoge kwaliteit die begrijpt wat jongeren beweegt, weet wat hen aanspreekt en ze steeds opnieuw verrast met opvallende activaties op festivals, in de music venues en bij de supermarkt.

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GelreDome serves the soft drinks from Vrumona, such as Pepsi Max, 7UP, Sisi, Royal Club, Climax, JOY and Sourcy. Vrumona strives to be a reliable, service-oriented and innovative organisation whereby the consumer comes first. In addition, Vrumona is the partner that aims to realise more turnover from the soft drinks category for its customers.

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GelreDome Publiekshoreca

GelreDome Publiekshoreca stands for fresh, quality, service, preparation ‘on the spot’ and quick delivery.

Mr. Long

Mr. Long is the Vietnamese and oriental specialist. At various locations in the country, such as festivals, railway stations and GelreDome, Mr. Long serves specialties and snack products. The dishes - ranging from vegetarian spring rolls to satay skewers and from hot chicken to bapao - are prepared with the utmost care and then served with a radiant smile from the land of the rising sun.

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Smit & Dorlas

The mission of Smit & Dorlas is clear: making the best coffee. They have been doing this since 1822. Smit & Dorlas is keen to constantly create perfect flavours and aromas. From the coffee plant to roasting. They know exactly what is needed. This is why the Smit & Dorlas coffee tastes like coffee should taste. Roasted for enjoyment.

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LOC7000 FAB & PaySystems

GelreDome performs the public hospitality from a joint venture with the event organisation bureau LOC7000 and its labels FAB and PaySystems. Turning each event into a unique experience for every visitor, that is what GelreDome and LOC7000 stand for. FAB provides customised work in terms of public catering for each event. Enjoying good quality food and drinks give the event the desired added value and largely determines the success of an event. PaySystems delivers payment systems from design to execution and stands for clear and quick payment convenience for the visitor. PaySystems is inextricably linked to efficient public catering tailored to the target group and location of an event.

De Persgroep Nederland

The Persgroep Nederland is a leading publisher of national, regional and local news brands, magazines, websites and is active on the radio. The wide portfolio of the Persgroep Nederland includes: AD, the Volkskrant, Trouw, Het Parool, Tubantia, De Gelderlander, BN DeStem, the Stentor, Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad, PZC, more than 200 door-to-door newspapers, ADR Nieuwsmedia, deOndernemer, Synpact,,,,,,,, Makers Channel, IndeBuurt and Qmusic. Advertisers can now benefit from national attention to targeted attention within specific districts.

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Convention Bureau

GelreDome is associated with Convention Bureau Arnhem Nijmegen region – advice and support with the organisation of meetings in the Arnhem Nijmegen region. More information on: Convention Bureau region Arnhem Nijmegen

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