Every year more than one million people pass through the gates of GelreDome. The event complex is the annual home base for more than sixty large-scale events. In addition, many meetings and conferences are organised in GelreDome.

The maximum capacity of the complex is 34,000 people. Then the stage is located at the north side of GelreDome and the East, West and South stand are used with the pitch floor. This is the most common setup. With a so-called ‘In the round’ setting, where the stage is located in the middle of the pitch floor, the capacity is 41,000 visitors.


At the opening on March 25, 1998, the Arnhem GelreDome is the first multi-functional event accommodation worldwide that has a retractable football pitch. This flexibility turns GelreDome into the largest theatre in the Netherlands. Within five hours, the complex changes its shape. For example, from a football stadium into a pop temple or from a tennis arena into a trade fair building. Special is that GelreDome is fully heated, making the stay comfortable for both users as visitors.


The retractable roof increases the multi-functionality of GelreDome. When the roof is closed and the lights are off, the room is completely dark, a black box that offers numerous possibilities for performances, presentations and concerts.


GelreDome has a removable turf. The concrete tray, in which the turf is located, is pushed out underneath the South stand. Usually it is outside, facing south and in the wind: the ideal conditions for grass.


The good acoustics of GelreDome are caused by the material with which the walls and the inside of the roof are covered. Plastic with holes in it ensures that the sound is not reflected but absorbed. The roof can absorb 50 decibels of noise. That is almost half the amount of noise that is produced during a concert.


Dozens of world-class stars have already performed on the stage in GelreDome. Stars like Madonna, Janet Jackson, U2, Backstreet Boys, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Spice Girls and Paul McCartney gave amazing shows. Dutch top artists like Marco Borsato, Anouk, André Rieu and Frans Bauer also feel at home in the largest theatre in the Netherlands and have chosen GelreDome as decor for their shows several times.

Take a look at all the stars that have already performed on the stage of GelreDome


In order to provide everyone with snacks and drinks, 450 hospitality assistants are available during a concert and 150 during a football match.


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