This is how you can pay with the Wallet

At GelreDome you pay for your consumptions with the GelreDome wallet. This payment card is available at the machines and/or cash register service. If there is a hospitality square on the outdoor premises, the Wallets will also be available on the outdoor square. You can pay for the wallet and credit by cash, credit or debit card.

The GelreDome Wallet is valid during all events and matches in GelreDome. You can register and personalise the Wallet via the special wallet website. This way you can easily review your orders, top up your credit or have it refunded to your account after the event. The minimum amount for which you can purchase the Wallet is € 5.-.
To register the Wallet, you must enter the validation code. This can be found on the back underneath the scratch layer.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase or order the GelreDome Wallet prior to an event.