From company party to pop concert. GelreDome is the most versatile event complex in the Netherlands. Are you considering to organise a concert, sports competition or large-scale party in GelreDome? Here you find the options offered by the largest theatre in the Netherlands.


For larger private events, such as company parties, you can choose from a number of different catering partners.
Each caterer has his own specialities, work method and appearance. In this way, you always choose the caterer that best suits your organisation. It is also possible to request a quotation from several caterers.


Safety is an important aspect at events, because thousands of visitors are close together with limited space. This requires supervision, tight organisation and clear rules. On average, 160 stewards, 100 traffic controllers and 90 security people ensure the safety of the athletes, artists, organisers and the public at the GelreDome premises during the event.

This team also ensures a smooth flow of tens of thousands of visitors who pass through the entrance gates at each event.


The premises around GelreDome have a parking capacity of 4,000 cars. In case of large events, parking lots at different locations in Arnhem are also being used. 40 shuttle buses take visitors from these parking lots to GelreDome and back. In total these buses make more than two hundred journeys per event.

On average, 10 shuttle buses drive from and to the central station in Arnhem. These buses make 80 journeys. Therefore, visitors who use public transport are also quickly and easily transported to and from GelreDome.